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SAT Quick Prep - Math

NCC 2132

Prepare for the March 9, May 4 or June 1 SAT Exam. Contact your HS guidance counselor for location, dates & times. Sharpen your skills and learn effective test-taking strategies in just one session. Get real SAT practice, question analysis, answering tactics, and study plans for math, in less time. Bring pencils, paper, a scientific or graphing calculator and a bag lunch. Required text: The Official SAT Study Guide, 2018 Edition (ISBN-13: 978-1457309281)

American Sign Language 2

NCC 2136

Learn advanced vocabulary, conversational skills, and advanced commu¬nication skills as well as signing with more fluidity and understanding. You will have the opportunity to practice more advanced signing interaction skills as well as expressive and receptive signing. Please bring a notebook, pen and folder for notes and handouts. Prerequisite: ASL I or permission of the instructor. This will be a NO-VOICE class - all learning will be done in ASL with no voice used by teacher or student. Dr. Jennifer Delora, Ph.D., is Deaf. She started at SUNY Ulster in Theatre Arts and went on to the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. She then went on to get her MA/Ph.D. in Psychology of Deafness: Family Systems and Deafness/Disabilities. Dr. Delora has been a professor/instructor of ASL at NYU and other colleges for over 30 years. She is an accomplished sign music interpreter and performer. Dr Delora is also an award-winning Sign Language and Deaf Culture Specialty Technical Advisor for film, TV and stage having worked with AnnMargret, Kris Kristofferson, JoBeth Williams, Kelly Martin and many more on award winning projects. She has trained at HB Studios in NYC, The Groundlings (Improv) and L.A. Comedy Connection (Improv).

Beginning French 1

NCC 2137

Bonjour et Bienvenue! (Hello and welcome!) Whether you are preparing for a trip to a French-speaking country or just want an intro to the language, this class is for you. Basic skills of vocabulary and phrases will be practiced through interactive conversation. No previous knowledge of French is required. Instructor: N. Polack

1, 2 & 3 Point Perspective

NCC 2139

Drawing perspective is the technique for representing three-dimensional objects on a two-dimensional surface. It is one of the fundamental building blocks for successful representational drawing and painting. You will explore the fundamentals of perspective by drawing simple landscapes with buildings from one, two and three vanishing points. You will study the horizon line, “bird’s eye” and “ant’s eye” views, how parallel lines converge into the distance and how objects appear smaller as they become farther away. See your email receipt for list of materials. Instructor: L. Bender

Watercolor, Pen & Ink

NCC 2140

Discover how to generate awareness and excitement through the creative art techniques of ink and watercolor by using ink washes, splattering, cross-hatching and masking. You will learn design, composition and color with still life projects or personal photographs. Each class includes a technique demonstration and individualized guidance. See your email receipt for list of materials. Instructor: L. Bender

Med Admin Asst with EHR

ONL 1004

MEDICAL ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT WITH ELECTRONIC HEALTH RECORDS (EHR) Approved by the National Healthcareer Association, this six month, 200 hour program is designed to prepare students to earn the Certified Medical Administrative Assistant (CMAA) credential. Students learn Microsoft Word and Excel, healthcare documentation and reimbursement, medical terminology, basic anatomy, and medical office management skills. Students receive e-books and a voucher to take the CMAA exam after course completion. Students have 6 months to complete this program.

Medical Coding & Billing

ONL 1101

The Professional Medical Coding and Billing program helps students prepare for the Certified Coding Associate (CCA) and Certified Professional Coder (CPC) certification exams. Topics studied include healthcare information management, reimbursement methodologies, medical terminology, anatomy, pathophysiology, pharmacology, and current code sets. In addition to personalized instructor and support, students will receive ebooks, industry codebooks, access to an online reference library, and a voucher for one of the national certification exams. Students have 12 months to complete this program.

Medical Office Manager

ONL 1102

This program prepares students to earn the Certified Medical Administrative Assistant (CMAA) and Certified Electronic Health Records Specialist (CEHRS) credentials after graduation. Students learn Microsoft Office basics, healthcare documentation and reimbursement, practice finances, patient billing, office procedures, and special considerations like ICD-10 and X12 5010. Students also gain hands-on experience with government-certified ezEMRx EHR software to minimize on-the-job training. In addition to personalized instructor and graduate support, students receive ebooks and two certification exam vouchers. Students have 12 months to complete this program.

Medical Transcription Editor

ONL 1103

MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTION EDITOR Approved by the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI), the Medical Transcription Editor program prepares students for medical transcription and editing careers. Topics studied include documentation, biomedical sciences, and editing theory. Enrollment includes ebooks, a transcription foot pedal, an AHDI membership, and a voucher to take the RHDS exam.

Basic Wastewater Operation Lab

PSP 1501

This laboratory course is designed to enable the wastewater operator to perform laboratory procedures necessary to determine control strategies for efficient operation of a wastewater treatment plant. Price includes text.

Activated Sludge

PSP 1503

Required course for candidates applying for certification for an activated sludge or "A" facility. The course instructs how to efficiently operate the activated sludge portion of a wastewater treatment plant. Control strategies and application of laboratory data are presented. Safety and regulatory recordkeeping are emphasized. Price includes text.

Grade A Laboratory Course

PSP 1511

This course will improve knowledge, skills, ability, and proficiency in laboratory and sampling techniques. Students will learn how these techniques can be used to optimize the treatment facility and ensure water system efficiency. Approved for 5 contact hours by the NY DOH and up to 5 contact hours by the NY DEC. Instructor: Stephanie Rider

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