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SocialMedia Tools of the Trade

DCB 2251

SOCIAL MEDIA TOOLS OF THE TRADE FOR DESIGN & DISTRIBUTION Every marketer has tricks to save time, increase engagement and build and audience. Peek inside the tool box top marketers use to turn engagement into an art form. By using the right tools like Canva and Venngage in conjunction with the right social distribution platforms such as Hootsuite and Grum, any business can make social engagement a simple part of their routine without breaking the bank.

Start a Business (Spanish)

DCB 2261

COMO EMPEZAR SU PROPIO NEGOCIO - NEW Este seminario, dictado en Español, explora los pasos necesarios que el empresario debe dar para el establecimiento de su negocio propio. Los temas a tratar incluyen una revisión de las opciones de estructura formal según la ley, la evaluación del mercado, estrategias de ventas y nivel de precios, permisos y licencias, seguros, controles financieros y administrativos, obtención de fondos, etc. También se exploran las estrategias a seguir para mantener el negocio exitoso y lucrativo una vez conformado.

Appetite for a Food Business

DCB 2263

DO YOU HAVE AN APPETITE FOR A FOOD BUSINESS - NEW This class is for the person who loves to cook and has some amazing recipes that they want to share with the world. Whether it is a restaurant, bakery, food truck or stand, or a food manufacturing business, this class will provide a “soup-to-nuts” overview of the process of the planning required opening a food establishment. Topics will include: regulatory issues, start-up considerations, menu planning, financial projections, marketing, and financing. Learn from “well-seasoned” business advisers from the Small Business Development Center who work with aspiring food service entrepreneurs on a regular basis.

Real Estate Issues For Busines

DCB 2264

REAL ESTATE ISSUES OF A BUSINESS - NEW It’s all about the real estate … You’ve heard the term “location, location, location” more than a few times. But if you’re in the middle of creating a menu for your new restaurant or finding wholesalers for your retail store. It might not be the first thing on your mind. It’s time to put location at the top of your list. If you’re preparing to open a food or retail business with a storefront, or investing in income property - putting your business in the proper location might be the single most important thing you do for your business.


DCB 2265

TOP TO BOTTOM PROFITS If you are struggling with negative cash flow or surviving check to check this workshop will provide tangible tools to turn your business around quickly. If you are currently profitable, take it a step further and identify new areas to increase your bottom line. As your business revenues increase, so do your expenses, overhead, and stress level. Learning how to manage the profitability of your growing company is key, so you can remain in the black at all stages of business growth. In this workshop will earn five effective strategies to improve cash flow and make better financial decisions. You will also take away a simple profit assessment tool so you can analyze your company profits quickly and easily. Jennifer Dawn is the owner of Jennifer Dawn Coaching and founder of Best Planner Ever. She’s a serial entrepreneur who has grown two multi-million dollar businesses, loves working on her third now, is a successful speaker, and author. She serves high-achieving entrepreneurs through private coaching by helping clarify their business vision, refining their goals, and executing a strategy to achieve them.

Culture of Inclusion

DCB 2266

CULTURE OF INCLUSION In this workshop you will learn how to operate effectively in the diverse world we live in today. This experiential workshop will help you avoid those “embarrassing moments” and help uncover you own unconscious biases. Building a solid framework for personal or professional relationships with people different from yourself will help you grow in your job and get more clients for your business. You will learn how to create and function with diverse teams to increase satisfaction and productivity. - Introductions & Icebreakers - Establishing Your Objectives - Becoming aware of the culture - Diversity & Inclusion activity with debrief - More about defining & recognizing Diversity - Awareness activity for Business with debrief - How to encourage diversity & inclusion in the workplace - Discussion of impact in your business market - Building a Diverse workforce Rosalia Bythewood-Saverino is a manager at the Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union. In 2008, she led a team to develop the credit union’s first Diversity Council. The Council was charged with educating, celebrating, and monitoring diversity and inclusion within the organization. In 2012, Rosalia completed her Diversity and Inclusion Management Certification through Cornell University. Additionally, she has experience teaching and engaging teens in diversity and inclusion and how to be successful in our diverse world.

Biz of the Acting Business

DCB 2267

Learn how to audition with cold readings and monologues, how to prepare for audition pictures and resumes, and how to develop ones resume through other acting opportunities. You will learn the professional rules of conduct for being hired and how to perform on a set. The course will include Information on how to find work inside and outside of the Hudson Valley. At the end of this course, Amy Hutchings, the head of Amy Hutchings Casting and other casting directors will come and speak to the class about their expectations. You have an opportunity to give them your photos and resume as well as do a cold reading audition. This is not an acting class, it is for people who have studied acting and are ready to step into a professional arena. Please come prepared with one comedic and one dramatic monologue as well as one two-person scene to use at the audition. You should also bring a notebook and pens as well as a folder for handouts. Prerequisite: Some acting training. Dr. Jennifer Delora, Ph.D., is Deaf. She started at SUNY Ulster in Theatre Arts and went on to the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. She is an accomplished sign music interpreter and performer. Dr Delora is also an award-winning Sign Language & Deaf Culture Specialty Technical Advisor for film, TV and stage having worked with AnnMargret, Kris Kristofferson, JoBeth Williams, Kelly Martin and many more on award winning projects. She has trained at HB Studios in NYC, The Groundlings (Improv) and L.A. Comedy Connection (Improv).

Grant Writing

DCB 2269

Grant Writing How do you know what grant funding sources are available for your organization? Whether you know a little or nothing at all, this course is designed to teach you some fundamental skills for grant prospecting, grant writing, and grants management so that you can solicit grants more effectively. Instructor: Lauren Collens, MPA, GPC, Director of Grants Management, Alliance for Positive Health. DCB2269-01 W 2/20, 3/20 & 4/17 6-8:30pm KSU


DCB 2273

Excel, An Intro

DCM 1601

This Excel class will include entering data into a worksheet; navigating a worksheet; creating workbooks; inserting columns, rows, and work-sheets; creating formulas and functions and basic formatting techniques.

QuickBooks - Level I

DCM 1646

This powerful software package enables users to do invoicing, write checks, reconcile bank accounts, and help manage accounts receivable and payable. The class emphasizes accounting principles, new companysetup, bookkeeping procedures, manipulation of data files, and report generation for financial management. Instructor: C. Rovner. Prerequisite: Intro to Windows and a general understanding of accounting theory and bookkeeping procedures. Fee includes textbook.

WordPress I

DCM 1746

INTRODUCTION TO WORDPRESS - BLOGGING Learn state-of-the-art skills in the world of web-based media? WordPress is a powerful program designed to create websites and blogs, and the most popular blogging/website platform in the world. In this hands-on course, students will learn-by- doing - how to build a blog with WordPress. Class will cover: - W hat is a blog, how it differs from a website - How to create & format blog posts • Use categories & tags - Upload photographs & media • Select & change themes - Create menus • Use widgets • Add social media links Prerequisite: This course is designed for WordPress beginners, however, all students must have a proficiency in basic computer skills, such as using email, the internet, Google and light word processing.Instructor: D. Pearlman

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