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Website Development Info

DCB 2167

Interested in Full Stack Web Development? Join us for this information session where your training options will be discussed. Add to what you already know or start the program with little or no knowledge. Finish the program in less than one year.

Planning Website-Max Success

DCB 2170

Not all websites are created equal. For your online business presence to yield maximum benefit to your business, all content on the site must be designed to communicate value to your ideal customer in an easy and natural way. In this course, students will learn how to define and plan their website content for the optimal conversion to business goals. This course covers: content blocks and flow, user journey, graphic branding, calls to action, online marketing strategy, mockups and wireframes.

Build a Website I

DCB 2171

Students are provided with a hands-on introduction to the universal architecture of the web. This course covers website construction with HTML5 and CSS, design and usability concepts, website hosting and administration. Students will learn how to build a simple, professional-class website.

Build A Website II

DCB 2172

In this course, students will extend their knowledge of HTML5 and CSS in building multipage websites. Students will explore file structure and hierarchy, CSS strategies for managing multi-column layout, CSS drop-down menus, tables, forms and multimedia. Optional: Students who take Designing Your Business Website Content for Maximum Success can use their own business content from that course to develop their own professional multi-page website in this course. Prerequisite: Learn to Build a Website-Part I or equivalent knowledge (instructor-approved)

Wbste Optimization for Google

DCB 2174

his course examines the interplay between clear business messaging and search engine optimization. Principles covered include: Niche Service, Location, Speed, Proper Website Structure, Blogs, Target Keywords, Tags, Metadata, Google Analytics basics, Google Search Console basics, AdWords basics and Tips and Tricks.

CNC Programming Mill & Lathe

DCB 2213

This hybrid course covers the fundamentals of machining metals starting with manual mill and lathe and advancing towards a three axis mill and lathe. Using CNC Programming and an online CNC Learning System students will be introduced to the fundamentals of set-up and operation of mills and lathes (Haas Toolroom Mill and Lathe). A hands-on practical demonstration of skills learned is required. Textbook and online access to learning system included in course price. Mandatory lab is held at BOCES on Tues from 5:30-7:30pm as listed. All other learning in done online. Material needed: USB Memory Stick Optional tools: 1” micrometer and Vernier caliper

Estate Conservation

DCB 2215

ESTATE CONSERVATION: HELP PROTECT YOUR ESTATE ASSETS & AVOID UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES Like many people, you may hope to leave a substantial legacy for your loved ones and charitable causes. But without proper planning and the appropriate financial strategies, you may not be able to protect your assets from probate and other unintended consequences. As a result, your estate may be settled in ways you did not intend. When you attend the class, you will receive a full-color, 20-page workbook on estate planning.

Safer Schools - SAVE

DCB 2216

This open-entry course meets the two-hour certification requirements for school staff as specified in the Safe Schools Against Violence in Education Act (SAVE).

All Eyes & Ears Video Pod Cast

DCB 2235

ALL EYES & EARS - VIDEO & PODCAST PRODUCTION TIPS FOR 2018 Video is becoming a powerhouse for getting your message out online. But are you really doing it the right way? This class will provide the tools you need to make video work for you. - Understand where and how video content is growing - Understand best practices for creating and optimizing videos online - Learn simple production tips to make your videos look professional on a budget - Learn the top two things small businesses are doing wrong when it comes to online videos

Search Engine Optimization-SEO

DCB 2236

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) 101 - WHAT YOU NEED TO GET STARTED Keeping your digital ducks in a row is still how you get found online. This class is designed to remove the guesswork surrounding how your web page is found and evaluated by search engines. - Learn back end techniques to provide search engines with a clear understanding of your site’s content - Understand the role of structured data and its impact on search results - Tools for optimizing your page titles and meta descriptions - Review On-page Ranking factors that determine your web page’s worth for search engines

Mobile Optimization -Drive Bus

DCB 2237

MOBILE OPTIMIZATION - HOW LOCAL SEARCH DRIVES BUSINESS In today’s world going mobile is everything. The class will break down how to prepare for the mobile world. Is your site ready? - Understand the role of Google’s move to mobile-first indexing - Tips for simplifying your site design for a mobile experience - Understanding mobile SEO best practices and how they affect local search results - Techniques for improving page speed for user experience on mobile devices

Build Email Marketing Campaign

DCB 2238

HOW TO BUILD YOUR FIRST EMAIL MARKETING CAMPAIGN Email campaigns are still a powerful way to reach your ideal customer. With all the noise in our inboxes, we will review ways to make your email efforts count. Understand the critical components of developing a comprehensive email marketing campaign. Review current software options for managing your email campaigns. Learn how to establish baselines for testing and measuring your digital outreach effort and understand the role in landing page design and user experience with email marketing.

Optimizing Instagram for Bus

DCB 2239

OPTIMIZING YOUR INSTAGRAM FOR BUSINESS Instagram is taking the business world by storm. This class will focus on how to properly position your brand and introduce your business to a whole new audience. You will learn how to identify your brand voice and how to develop digital content that supports your business goals. Tips on how to create a content calendar that simplifies social posting will be covered. Learn how to use social listening to find opportunities to reach out to your ideal customer. Discover the tools and techniques marketers use to help broadcast content efficiently.

Appetite for a Food Business

DCB 2263

DO YOU HAVE AN APPETITE FOR A FOOD BUSINESS - NEW This class is for the person who loves to cook and has some amazing recipes that they want to share with the world. Whether it is a restaurant, bakery, food truck or stand, or a food manufacturing business, this class will provide a “soup-to-nuts” overview of the process of the planning required opening a food establishment. Topics will include: regulatory issues, start-up considerations, menu planning, financial projections, marketing, and financing. Learn from “well-seasoned” business advisers from the Small Business Development Center who work with aspiring food service entrepreneurs on a regular basis.


DCB 2265

TOP TO BOTTOM PROFITS If you are struggling with negative cash flow or surviving check to check this workshop will provide tangible tools to turn your business around quickly. If you are currently profitable, take it a step further and identify new areas to increase your bottom line. As your business revenues increase, so do your expenses, overhead, and stress level. Learning how to manage the profitability of your growing company is key, so you can remain in the black at all stages of business growth. In this workshop will earn five effective strategies to improve cash flow and make better financial decisions. You will also take away a simple profit assessment tool so you can analyze your company profits quickly and easily. Jennifer Dawn is the owner of Jennifer Dawn Coaching and founder of Best Planner Ever. She’s a serial entrepreneur who has grown two multi-million dollar businesses, loves working on her third now, is a successful speaker, and author. She serves high-achieving entrepreneurs through private coaching by helping clarify their business vision, refining their goals, and executing a strategy to achieve them.

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