Web Development Boot Camps this Fall



Web Development Boot Camps this Fall

SUNY Ulster's Office of Continuing & Professional Education Offers Several Noncredit Courses

SUNY Ulster’s Office of Continuing & Professional Education Offers
Web Development Boot Camps this Fall  

Starting September 20th<, SUNY Ulster will be offering several noncredit courses to students and community members looking to start or further their careers in the Web Application Development field. The classes employ a project-based approach, providing hands-on experience for students that engage both their abilities to master topics and their creativity as they prepare for an innovative technology career. Classes will be offered in the evening.

INTRODUCTION TO INFORMATION ARCHITECTURE/WEBSITE PLANNING Not all websites are created equal. For an online business presence to yield maximum benefit to the business, all content on the site must be designed to communicate value to the customer in a natural way. In this course, participants will learn how to define and plan their website content for the optimal conversion to business goals. This course covers content blocks and flow, user journey, graphic branding, calls to action, online marketing strategy, mockups, and wireframes.

In this course, participants receive a hands-on introduction to the universal architecture of the web. This course covers website construction with HTML5 and CSS, file structure and hierarchy, design and usability concepts, accessibility-conscious coding, and website hosting and administration. Participants will learn website development fundamentals by building a simple, professional website in class.

In this course, participants will extend their knowledge of HTML5 & CSS in building multi-page websites. Students will explore CSS strategies for managing multi-column layout, responsive design principles, and how to code a website from a design mockup. The course will also cover CSS drop-down menus, tables, forms, and embedded media.

Participants will discover the power of dynamic website coding with an introductory examination of PHP and MySQL. In this course, participants will implement basic dynamic functions with PHP and will hand-code a simple PHP-MySQL application to produce a dynamically-generated blog page. Additionally, they will examine similarities between their application and open source Content Management Systems like WordPress, using what they learned to migrate an existing WordPress website.

INTRODUCTION TO JAVASCRIPT & JQUERY This course is designed for JavaScript novices who have little or no experience with the language. Students will learn the structure of JavaScript variables, scope, control flow, and functions. Students will create code that interacts with DOM and adds interactive behavior to a website. The course will discuss best practices and introduce jQuery – a widely used JavaScript library.

WEBSITE OPTIMIZATION FOR GOOGLE This course examines the interplay between clear business messaging and search engine optimization. Principles covered include niche service, location, speed, proper website structure, blogs, target keywords, tags, metadata, Google Analytics basics, Google Search Console basics, Ad-Words basics, and tips and tricks.

To register or for more information, contact SUNY Ulster Continuing and Professional

Education at (845) 339-2025 or register online at sunyulster.edu/ce. Pre-registration is required for all courses.