Lucia Pecore

Lucia Pecore
I must commend and praise Lucia for the phenomenal job she did on this year's Spring Open House. This is, by far, the best Open House I have attended. The number of moving parts that Lucia juggled to make this event happen is mind boggling and as impressed as I am from day to day with Lucia's drive and work ethic, today I am 100 times more impressed. Lucia is a true asset to SUNY Ulster!

Karen Goodell
Apr. 29, 2017
Lucia Pecore
You've played such a huge role in helping me become the professional I am today. You went above and beyond for me and continue to do so for students year after year. Every student knows you for your enthusiasm and dedication to SUNY Ulster. You truly inspire me.

Jillian Nadiak
Mar. 23, 2017
lucia Pecore
You are the best at helping our students!

Nov. 21, 2016

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