Jenn Zell

Patricia Vincent-Public Safety, Jenn Zell-President's Office, Jamie Capuano-Administrative Services
Thank you Jamie, Jenn, and Patty. You made a student's life so much easier during this time. I 'met' with her today and she's smiling again! Thank you.

Stephanie Kroon
Apr. 09, 2020
Jenn Zell
Thank you for all the help in moving tables so that our Advanced Manufacturing Roundtable went off smoothly! Very much appreciated!

Barbara Reer
Nov. 01, 2018
Jenn Zell
All should know that if it wasn't for your time and effort, Graduation and the Appreciation Lunch would not be so great. Thanks!!

Lisa Bonesteel
May. 29, 2018
Jenn Zell
What would we do without you! Thanks

Apr. 10, 2018
Jennifer Zell
I couldn't ask for a better mentor and colleague. I get to see your passion for perfection and tireless dedication to SUNY Ulster on a daily basis which not only inspires myself but every single person who meets you and has the pleasure to work with you. I learn so much from you on a daily basis-now I'm just waiting for some of your energy to rub off on me.

Jillian Nadiak
Mar. 23, 2017
Jenn Zell
Jenn is always so helpful, kind and enthusiastic, this college is truly lucky to have her!

Oct. 28, 2016

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