Don Steward

Don Steward
You are doing a fine job! Thank you so much for all of your help!

Lisa Bonesteel
May. 04, 2018
Don Steward
Don & The Maintenance Crew- Thanks for making the sidewalks in front of Vanderlyn so nice. I appreciate the time and attention you showed to do the job right.... even down to the new yellow lines.

May. 03, 2018
Don Steward
Thanks to you and the rest of the crew for braving this Bomb Cyclone!!!

Meg Sheeley
Jan. 04, 2018
Don Steward
I would like to thank Don for stepping up and taking over the responsibility for the Plant Operations Dept. Don immediately addressed many of the issues that have been facing our dept. and has made huge strides in rectifying some of our problem areas. The campus looks fantastic, better than it has looked for the last number of months! Don is also addressing our work order system, please bear with us while we make efforts to get caught up on both the physical end of the work order requests as well as straightening out the paperwork side of the system. Hopefully, with Don's strong leadership, we will get back to being a fully functioning dept. soon!

Jill Casciaro
Aug. 29, 2017

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