Share Your Story

Share Your Story

SUNY Ulster could not have accomplished all that is has without you. Each and every person who taught here, worked here, studied here or performed here has left an indelible mark on this institution. So please add yourself to our timeline because your time here at SUNY Ulster is an important milestone.

Here is a very simple form to fill out.

  • Fill in your name.
  • Tell us (in 60 words or less) something about your time here: what you did, what you liked best, what you taught or studied, the event you did, your favorite something.
  • Add the year you started here or the year you wrote about in your story. It is best to be as specific you can, though month and date are not mandatory.
  • Upload a photo of you either then or now just like you do for Facebook. Small jpegs are best.
  • Fill in your contact info and hit ‘Create Timeline Entry’.

Please allow up to 48 hours for your entry to appear.

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