Collective Expeditions



Collective Expeditions

November 8- December 13th

Collective Expeditions

Free and open to the public

The International Society of Antiquaries are a group of 5 artists who have put together a group show titled Collective Expeditions.  The show will feature painting, sculpture, installation, and a performance event. Although the artists have diverse practices, the work fits together in complex and interesting ways that speak to the importance of understanding our past--sometimes as far back as prehistory--in order to comprehend who we are as a species. “Individually and collectively our work references tribal, shamanic, ancestral, as well as contemporary art; esotericism; anthropology; and archaeology in various direct and indirect ways. Our goal, thus, is to look back in order to look forward." Artists include Olivia Baldwin, Kyle Cottier, Sarah Potter, Elisa Pritzger and Greg Slick.

art made of painted rocksart made of painted rocks

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