2018 Spring Check Disbursal - 3rd Pell Check




2018 Spring Check Disbursal - 3rd Pell Check

Office of Financial Aid

3rd Pell Check - Friday, April 6, 2018

The third disbursement will consist of the rest of the Pell grant and any unpaid federal grants.

Loans and other financial aid checks will be disbursed every Friday beginning February 2, 2018.

Special Note

  • Checks are picked up at the Student Accounts Office, VAN 204.
  • Students must pick up their own checks - NO EXCEPTIONS - and must provide a picture ID.
  • Students must notify the Financial Aid Office of any changes in enrollment status (drop from full-time to half-time, withdraw, never attend classes, audit, etc.)
  • Audit grades taken at any point in the semester could result in a reduction in both State and Federal aid.
  • Students who withdraw before the 10th week of the Fall or Spring semesters will be subject to a Title IV Refund Calculation, which could require the student to pay back all or a portion of the federal financial aid funds received, including loans.

Express Classes and Late Start Classes

  • Students whose full-time status includes express classes will not be eligible for their TAP awards until any express or late start classes actually begin. Example: A student is enrolled for 12 credits. The student has three classes that begin on January 22 and one class that begins on February 7. The TAP award will not be applied to their account until the February 7 class begins. The student will be considered full-time at that point.
  • Students who are enrolled in any express or late start classes and are Pell eligible will receive Pell payment for those classes that have actually begun. Example: A student is enrolled for 9 credits. Two classes begin on January 22, and one class begins on March 1. The Pell award reflected will be for ½ time enrollment until the March 7 class begins. As of March 7, the student will then be considered ¾ time, and the remaining Pell will be applied.

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