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College English I

ENG 101

Students read, discuss, and write essays that explore contemporary social issues. Students work on skills necessary to meet the challenge of writing accurately and clearly on the college level. Students write a minimum of eight essays, including three in-class essays. Emphasis is on the development of a topic, use of appropriate rhetoric and research, and a review of grammar. At the end of the semester, students must take and pass a writing competency test, which is evaluated by a panel of instructors. Students who pass the test receive the grade earned during the semester; those who do not pass must repeat the course. Prerequisite: Placement by Entering Student Assessment or completion of ISP 081 with a grade of C or better. A grade of C or better must be earned for advancement to ENG 102.

College English II

ENG 102

Students read and discuss literature that explores the human condition and its moral dilemmas, social problems, and values. This course continues to stress the development of writing skills, with emphasis on criticism, analysis, research methods, and documentation. A research paper is required. Prerequisite: Completion of ENG 101 with a grade of C or better. Prerequisite or corequisite: LIB 111.

Honors English I

ENG 171

Students study authors and works ranging from the Classical era to early Medieval times. Extensive writing, with emphasis on analysis and other rhetorical forms, is a major component of the course. The course fulfills the ENG 101 College English I requirement. Open to all qualified students by advisement.

Classics of Children's Lit

ENG 218

This course has been designed with Early Education English majors (1-6) in mind, but it is also open to all English Education majors and as an elective to students outside the discipline. The primary focus of the course is to critically examine selected titles from the Newbery Medal and Honor Book list. In addition to the Newbery titles, special consideration will be given to classics of children's literature from the Victorian period to the modern period. Class discussions will focus on the social and literary implications of children's literature, literary technique and content, and the role of fantasy in children's literature. Prerequisites: ENG 102 with a grade of C or better and LIB 111 or by permission of instructor.

Introduction to Drama

ENG 220

Students study the development of drama in the Western world. A selection of the great plays from classical Greek tragedy and comedy to representative works of modern dramatists such as Shepard and Wilson are read and analyzed. Prerequisites: ENG 102 with a grade of C or better and LIB 111 or by permission of instructor.

Technical Writing

ENG 227

An introduction to technical writing, this course considers the problems of presenting technical subject matter and provides instruction and practice in report writing and oral presentations. Prerequisite: ENG 102 with a C or better or A.A.S. program requirement or permission of the instructor. Prerequisite or corequisite: LIB 111.

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