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Fundamentals of Computers

CSC 101

Students are introduced to the computer and some of its current uses in this computer literacy course which provides hands-on experience. Students learn to prepare documents, spreadsheets, and database reports during laboratory class time. Students are expected to complete homework assignments outside class in the College's computer laboratory or on home computers. This course does not satisfy any requirements for students in the Computer Information Systems, Computer Science, or Network Administrator programs. The course is taught using Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office. Lab fee.

Web Application Development II

CSC 132

This course covers advanced web application development frameworks, languages and techniques such as Ruby on Rails, jQuery, AngularJS, PHP,and Node.js or equivalent. Students work in teams to develop real-world web application projects. Topics include an overview of the Model-View-Controller (MVC) software architectural pattern and database fundamentals using MySQL or equivalent. Prerequisite: CSC 131 with a grade of C- or better or permission of the instructor.

Computer Science II

CSC 180

This course covers the fundamentals of algorithms and object oriented software development. Topics include: modern IDE for software development, primitive and reference data types, encapsulation, information hiding, selection, iteration, functions/methods, parameters, recursion, exception handling, generic linear data structures (arrays,records/structs) and maps, file types, file I/O, simple GUIs with event handling, programming to an interface, lambda expressions, semantics of inheritance and use of polymorphism, relation with subtyping, search (sequential, binary), select (min, max), and sort (bubble, insertion, selection) algorithms, complexity notation, documentation using standard tools, program testing (unit testing) and debugging, reasoning about control flow in a program, and societal impacts related to computing and software. Prerequisite: CSC 150 with a C- or better or permission of the instructor.

Apple iOS App Development

CSC 215

This course prepares the student to be a mobile application developer for Apple iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPad using Swift, a new programming language from Apple. Concepts and techniques introduced in this course include: · Introduction to the Apple Xcode application environment · The Swift Programming Language · Differences between iPhone and iPad Development · Animation and simple game development · Apple guidelines for publishing apps on the Apple App Store. Corerequisite: CSC 180 or permission of the instructor.

Computer Game Design I

CSC 220

This course is an introduction to the principles of computer game development. As such, it draws on the student's background in math and physics and enables a creative expression in addition to building on computer science concepts of object oriented programming. It covers the main concepts, principles, and techniques for designing playable computer games. Students will study and learn to utilize a variety of technologies relevant to games including tools and frameworks for game development; languages to manipulate game elements, 3 dimensional modeling, the physical principles of game object behavior, principles of scene lighting and sound effects. Computer simulation is the fundamental technology underlying all of thesre principles. Basic game theory and concepts will be studied and used in the projects developed during the course. Corequisite: CSC 180 or permission of the instructor.

Comp Architecture & Organ

CSC 250

This course covers fundamentals of computer architecture and organization. Topics include: classical von Neumann machine, major functional units, primary memory, representation of numerical (integer and floating point) and non-numerical data, CPU architecture, instruction encoding, fetch-decode-execute cycle, instruction formats, addressing modes, symbolic assembler, assembly language programming, handling of subprogram calls at assembly level, mapping between high level language patterns and assembly/machine language, interrupts and I/O operations, virtual memory management, and data access from a magnetic disk. Prerequisite: CSC 180 with a grade of C- or better or permission of the instructor.

Theory/Prac ObjectOriented Pro

CSC 260

The object-oriented programming paradigm is presented in this course. Students implement data abstraction using classes and inheritance, creating reusable objects that are the basis for object-oriented programs. Polymorphism is implemented using virtual functions. Topics include inline functions, function and operator overloading, base and derived classes, multiple inheritance, and storage management in constructors and destructors. Prerequisite: CSC 150 and CSC 201, or equivalent computer experience by advisement.

Special Topics in Computer Sci

CSC 270

This course explores special topics in the field of computing through a more concentrated study in a current applied or theoretical area of the field. Each course emphasizes a basic understanding of the topics' content, and an introduction to its underlying mathematical and other foundations. The course explores topics of interest outside of the scope of current computing courses and requires a significant project and/or research paper in the subject area as a major component of the final grade. Prerequisite:CSC 150 or permission of the instructor or coordinator.

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