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Navigating Aspects of College

NCC 2078

In this information session SUNY Ulster’s Admissions Office—Enrollment & Success Center will assist you in navigating all aspects of attending a college. Admissions can discuss any of the following topics: How to Prepare and Select the Right College, College Lingo-Things You Should be Aware of or Financial Literacy-Preparing and Planning for College. And at this time you may make an appointment for one-on-one time, if needed. A minimum of five students are needed to hold this info session.

Grade A Water Trtmt Plant Oper

PSP 1500

Topics to be covered in this course include operator qualifications and responsibilities, water quality control, coagulation, sedimentation, filtration, pH and alkalinity adjustment, iron and manganese removal, water softening and chlorination, bacteriological laboratory techniques, emergency planning, safety, hydraulics and pumps, process calculations and distribution system operation and maintenance.

Grade B Water Trtmt Plant Oper

PSP 1504

This course is designed for operators of plants providing treatment for disinfection by chlorination, iron and manganese removal, corrosion control, emergency planning, safety, hydraulics and pumps, and includes process calculations.

Grade C Water Trtmt Plant Oper

PSP 1507

This course is designed to provide the student with a basic background in the principles and practices of water treatment.

Grade D Water Trtmt Plant Oper

PSP 1508

This course of study is designed for operators of distribution systems serving greater than 1000 people. Topics include pressure zones, booster stations, storage tanks, fire protection and disinfection.

Grade 3 Technical Operations

PSP 1512

The purpose of this one-day module is to train supervisors in the technical operations of the treatment plant. This course is intended to go with the Supervision home study module Manage for Success. The Technical Operations portion includes the topics of toxic substances, toxicity testing, odor control, multimedia issues, pollution prevention, and nutrient removal. Prerequisite: home-study completion of "Manage for Success" from Sacramento State Office of Water programs. Enrollment through Sacramento and successful completion of Manage for Success earns 45 contact hours. The Technical Operations Module must be done in classroom and earns 6 contact hours. Purchase information and enrollment in Manage for Success can be found at: Instructor: Wesley Rice

Math for Water Operators

PSP 1520

Certification as a water treatment plant operator requires the skills presented in this class. This course serves a refresher to those who may feel intimated by basic math, algebra, or using formula sheets.

Sludge Digestion

PSP 1522

Students are presented with the components, the theory of operation, and the techniques for gathering and monitoring the data required for the successful operation of anaerobic and aerobic digestion. Approved by the NY DEC for 6.5 contact hours.

MembranFiltratn CBUDSF RelTech

PSP 1529

The 6 hour course will provide several case histories of microfilter and sand filter performance. In addition, application, operations and maintenance aspects of microfilters, sand filters and membrane bioreactors will be covered.

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