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Reiki II

NCC 1738

Students will receive the ancient initiations, the three Reiki II ancient symbols for healing. They will learn and practice distance healing and hands-on healing using these symbols. In Reiki I students learned to align and channel 10% of the Reiki healing energy and in Reiki II students are now ready to channel 90% of the energy through the ancient initiations passed on by the Reiki Master. Students will prepare for starting their practice with practical ideas about advertising and opening their own office. Each week there will be practice in healing each other and group healing. There will also be a deeper focus on the Chakras.

Spanish I

NCC 1950

Basic skills will be achieved through interactive practice using common conversation. It is intended for people who want to communicate in Spanish at work, in a social setting, in a school environment or while traveling. Note: No previous knowledge of Spanish is needed. Instructor: M. Guldan

Wildlife Rehabilitation, Intro

NCC 1994

Rehabilitating wildlife and returning healthy animals back to the wild can be a very rewarding experience. This workshop is designed to provide information and insight to those who are considering becoming wildlife rehabilitators. It will cover zoonosis, rules and regulations, test and exam, cost, time, equipment, networking, contacts, and more. There will also be information on rehabilitating specific types of wild animals. During the lunch break and at the end of the course there will be time for questions. The instructors are licensed rehabilitators: Elly Monfett, a Veterinary Technician, specializing in squirrels, turtles and fawns, Joanne Rowley, Registered Nurse, specializing in possums and song birds, and Robin Evans, a speech pathologist, specializing in woodchucks.

Spanish II

NCC 2000

Designed for those who want to improve and polish their Spanish skills for conversational, real life situations. The instructor adapts the course content to the level of the students in the class. Instructor: M. Guldan Prerequisite: Spanish I or permission of the instructor

Reiki 1 Cert and Animal Reiki

NCC 2072

Experience guided imagery meditation and attunements. Use Reiki or Shoden to promote healing and stress management. Learn the theories, history, hand positions, precepts and principles of Reiki. You will focus on self-healing, quick healing in-chair and healing on tables, as well as byosen scanning, and kenyo¬ko ho (dry wash). Animal Reiki offers targeted pain and stress reduction techniques through light touch. Instructor: L. Salluzzi

Chakra Healing and Balancing

NCC 2073

This class helps all levels of reiki practitioners as well as any energy, massage, holistic or spiritual therapists improve their practice. It will focus on the beginning/basic knowledge you need to understand how to "speak the language of the chakra energy." You will use this knowledge to energetically diagnose your clients and do no harm. Learn how to teach your clients to self-heal in between sessions with chakra balancing. Practice the guided imagery and share with your clients. It will also help the layperson improve their knowledge of chakras within them and around them. Instructor: L. Salluzzi

SAT Quick Prep

NCC 2077

Sharpen your skills and test-readiness in just one session and get real SAT practice, question analysis, answering tactics, and study plans for math, reading, grammar and language, written expression, and essay writing - in less time. Bring pencils, a scientific or graphing calculator and a bag lunch. One date will cover English and the other math. PREPARE FOR THE MARCH 10, MAY 5 & JUNE 2 SAT EXAMS arrange thru your HS guidance counselor. Required text for all four prep offerings: The Official SAT Study Guide, 2018 Edition (ISBN-13: 978-1457309281)

Comic Drawing and Production

NCC 2079

For anyone who is ever thought about making their own comic, this course is for you. This is a crash course that will introduce most of the skills to create your own comic including drawing techniques, layout, inking, coloring and lettering. Please bring a sketchbook and pencils to class. Instructor: D. Sienty

Understand Shamanism a Primer

NCC 2081

Shamanism is a practice from indigenous cultures around the world. It bridges the divide between humanity and nature. It cultivates our ability to directly access our connection to the seen and unseen worlds of the universe around us and it gives us a paradigm to better understand the workings of the cosmos and our roll within the natural world. In this course you will explore the origins of shamanic practices, its cosmology, and how shamanic traditions connect to the creative powers of the cosmos. Instructor: A. Kane

Prepare for Surgery HealFaster

NCC 2082

Your instructor, Joan Apter, read "Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster: A Guide of Mind-Body Techniques" by Peggy Huddleston just before her first surgery which inspired her to became a certified trainer of these techniques. In this introductory class, the five steps to properly prepare for surgery; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual will be covered. This program has been recommended by several doctors and surgeons to improve healing.

Tai Chi Chih

NCC 2083

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese mind, body discipline consisting of 19 meditative movements and a pose. It is a program of low-impact exercises that improve strength, flexibility and balance. It also improves powers of concentration and coordination. Wear comfortable clothes and soft shoes or sneakers. Instructor: A. Sherry

Write, Release, Retail

NCC 2084

WRITE, RELEASE, RETAIL: HOW TO BECOME AN INDIE AUTHOR Publishing your work and launching it into the literary marketplace is easier than ever now with the advent of self-publishing platforms like Kindle, Create Space, Kobo, Smashwords, and others. Aspiring authors have many opportunities to sell their work to readers all over the world via online booksellers. Join Marianne Sciucco, author of Blue Hydrangeas and Swim Season, as she explains how to start your project; create a publishable manuscript; choose your publishing partners; build your social media platform; and promote and market your work. This class is recommended for anyone interested in self-publishing a novel, memoir, children's book, or non-fiction work.

Qi Gong for Women

NCC 2085

This workshop will explore the health benefits of Qi Gong in relation to Women's personal health issues and vitality. Mindful movement, breath and intention represent the essence of Qi Gong, which in turn helps us to connect to our divine feminine self. This class is open to practitioners of all ages, modifications are implemented when needed. This is an active movement course. Instructor: L. Hughes

Intro to Holistic Wellness

NCC 2086

This is an introduction course to Integrative Medicine and how can it help you balance your mind, body and spirit. The class will introduce different modalities: yoga, Ayurveda, meditation, breathing exercises, stress management, and relaxation techniques. The class will incorporate discussions, reading assignments, essay writing, video examples, and demonstrations on the holistic approaches. Instructor: Keri-Ann Laurito, RYT/E-RYT/Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist, Mind Body Yoga Instructor/Wellness Educator, YACEP (Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider)

Living Well with Pain

NCC 2087

LIVING WELL WITH PAIN: A RELATIONAL APPROACH You have probably experienced chronic and/or acute pain. Yet when pain comes your way, you often react automatically by pushing it away, moving past it as quickly as possible, or sweeping it under the rug. Although your tolerance and understanding of pain is limited, when you shift your attitude towards pain and your beliefs about pain, you create an opportunity for the pain to become a friend and, perhaps, a great teacher. In this course, you will examine your understanding of pain and develop a relationship with it. You will learn the connection between chronic pain and anxiety, stress, and depression, and you will explore how to transform your life from just living and managing the pain, to a life of thriving. You will learn skills that include breathing practices, mindfulness movement, and meditations that you can use and integrate into your daily living. Instructor: G. Feinstein, LCSW, LMT

Italian Langage Continued

NCC 2090

This picks up where Italian Language and Culture ended. If you didn't take that course with us buy have had some Italian but want to make sure this is the class for you then contact us at or call 845-339-2025. Please leave your name and number and we will send it on to the instructor who will contact you to discuss your level.

Intermediate Watercolor

NCC 2091

Develop multi-layered watercolor paintings using the knowledge gained from the beginner Watercolor, Pen & Ink class. Instructor assistance and group critiques will help you develop an eye for refining your composition, color, and personal style to accomplish complex artworks not possible before. Instructor: L. Bender

Tutto Bene Italian Language

NCC 2092

In Italian the expression tutto bene means "all is well" -- and that's the premise for this starter course-- or antipasto - a great opportunita' to connect with other Italian language learners in the area. Studenti will learn helpful expressions alongside enough grammatica to keep your brains fresh, topped with a delightful exploration of Italian cultura, using traditional and modern methodologies.

Jazzercise Lite

NCC 2093

This is a fun fitness modified no impact class. Students will look good, feel great, as they gain confidence as they begin or continue their fitness journey with this effective workout. With a wide variety of music and movement, students are sure to leave each class feeling energized! Optional: Bring hand held weights to class. Instructor: C. Shaw

Basic Wastewater Operation Lab

PSP 1501

This laboratory course is designed to enable the wastewater operator to perform laboratory procedures necessary to determine control strategies for efficient operation of a wastewater treatment plant. Price includes text.

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