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Restaurant Series Package

DCB 2130

Save money and purchase the series which is all three parts: CONTROLLING COSTS, SALES AND CUSTOMER SERVICE TRAINING & BEST PRACTICES OF HIRING AND BUILDING YOUR DREAM TEAM. These make up the following course. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT TRAINING FOR RESTAURANT MANAGERS The performance of a restaurant manager is key to running a successful restaurant. This series of classes will focus on three main areas of management responsibilities and teach strategies to improve the flow of operations and increase profitability. Restaurant managers will learn the business strategies used by the most successful restaurants. Managers will have a heightened awareness of the specific needs of daily operations and be able to incorporate tactics that drive sales and increase profits. As a result managers become a more engaged and valuable member of the restaurant team and they also become more confident leaders. These individual sessions, or class package, is also suited for restaurant owners who are looking to up their game and anyone considering opening a restaurant or pursuing a career in the restaurant business.

Bldg Restaurant in Digital Age

DCB 2131

Marketing your business to attract new customers has drastically changed over the past 10 years. The good news is that your marketing dollar actually goes farther, but the bad news is that it is much more complicated to market effectively. This course will teach you how to leverage the power of the internet with your website, social media and email marketing. It will give you the strategies you need to make sure you are being found on the internet and that people are seeing you in a positive light. Focus will be on how to use social media to engage customers and build long term relationships that drive business. Topics will include: the must do’s to increase your online presence, the “must haves” for your website, managing your online reputation and getting results with social media.

Minority Women-Owned Bus Entre

DCB 2133

To certify or not. Is it worth my time? These questions are ones that small businesses grapple with quite often because obtaining certification does not guarantee you any government contract work, but if used as a marketing tool, can generate more opportunities to bid for government business. The certification process takes time. But is it worth your time? You are best at making your own determination. This course will provide you with the opportunity to decide whether certification is a good fit for your business, and will show you how to get started, if you decide it is suitable for your business. Assistance is readily available. Let us help you get started. The NYS Small Business Development Center provides specialized assistance to small and /or disadvantaged firms interested in supplying goods and services to federal, state and local government.

Electrical Theory II

DCB 2135

This course continues on where Electrical I leaves off and is geared towards those in an advanced manufacturing career pathway. This course includes a lab component. Prerequisite: Electrical Theory I Basics or equivalent. Instructor: K. Crawford

Drafting Fundamentals I

DCB 2136

The topics covered in this course are geometric construction and orthographic projection. The topics covered are taught using AutoCAD 2017. Special emphasis is placed on using the software to complete the assignments. Instructor: S. Ligotino

Drafting Fundamentals II

DCB 2137

This course expands on topics covered in the first course. Additional topics covered are sections and conventions, and isometric drawings. Special emphasis is placed on using the software to complete the assignments. Prerequisite: Drafting Fundamentals I. Instructor: S. Ligotino DCB 2136 and DCB 2137 are non-credit course options for the 3-credit IND course. Students will be expected to do all homework assignments and quizzes but no grade will be awarded.

Operating Systems & Utilities

DCB 2138

Students will obtain a mastery of operating systems concepts and a foundation of the boot process in this broad background course. They will apply their skills to maintaining files and learn to build and maintain shell scripts and batch programs. Students have the option of taking this as a credit course or non-credit course.

Networking Fundamentals

DCB 2139

Students are introduced to the architecture, structure, functions, components and models of the Internet and other computer networks. The principles and structure of IP addressing and the fundamentals of Ethernet concepts, media and operations are introduced. Students have the option of taking this as a credit course or non-credit course. Prerequisite: Basic Algebra.

Computer Science I

DCB 2140

This course covers the fundamentals of computer problem solving and programming. Topics include: Program development process, differences between the object-oriented, structured, and functional programming methodologies, phases of language translation (compiling, interpreting, linking, executing), and error conditions associated with each phase, primitive data types, memory representation, variables, expressions, assignment, fundamental programming constructs (sequence, selection, iteration), algorithms for solving simple problems, tracing execution, subprograms/functions/methods, parameter passing, secure coding techniques (criteria for selections of a specific type and use, input data validation), and professional behavior in response to ethical issues inherent in computing. The Java programming language is used. Corequisite: MAT 115 or equivalent or permission of the instructor. Instructor: J. Sheehan No Class Dates: Sept 4, Oct 9, Nov 22, Nov 24

Web App Developer I

DCB 2142

This course explores the web development processes and tools used to support the creation of websites and web applications. Students explore HTML, CSS and JavaScript and use them to create websites and web applications hosted by a web server. Web application development frameworks will also be introduced. Through labs and projects students create both static and dynamic web content in the context of producing a professional quality web site. The course focuses on the underlying tools of web development. Prerequisite: familiarity with text file editing as determined by the instructor.

Full Stack Web Developer-Fast

DCB 2144

Interested in starting a career in web development? Join us for this FAST TRACK program that consists of four modules plus the foundation course Computer Science I. Students may take one or more module to develop their skills or to start building skills needed in the profession. Students will work on building a portfolio of work and will be eligible to apply for an entry level position as a web developer. Corequisite: Computer Science I or equivalent knowledge. Prerequisite: College Algebra suggested, Basic Algebra required.

Web Design - Intro Level

DCB 2145

In this 15-hour course, students will study the Client-Server Architecture of the World Wide Web, Static vs. Dynamic Web Pages, Accessibility and Usability Heuristics, Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and JavaScript and Dynamic Hypertext Markup Language (DHTML). Instructor: C. Marcello

Web Development- Intermediate

DCB 2146

Students will continue on to learn PHP Server-Side-Scripting, AJAX, PHP POST and GET Methods, PHP Functions, Programmer-Defined Functions and PHP Development and Testing. Prerequisite: Introduction to Web Design. Instructor: C. Marcello

Dtbse Dsgn & Dvlp II

DCB 2147

In this intermediate course, students will learn Relational Database Basics, Normalization and Data Integrity, Entity Relational Data Modeling, Structured Query Language (SQL) and Advanced Structured Query Language Commands. Prerequisite: Web Design and Web Development. Instructor: C. Marcello

Bldg E-Commrce Data-Drvn Web

DCB 2148

Students ready for advanced level learning will learn how to Create a Database-Driven Online Store, Connecting to the MySQL Database Using PHP, Create a Database-Driven Product Catalog, Create a Database-Driven Shopping Cart and Create a Database-Driven Purchase and Checkout System. Prerequisite: Web Design, Web Development, Database Design and Development. Instructor: C. Marcello

Commercial Electric - Hybrid

DCB 2149

In this course, students learn about the essential components of the electrical systems of commercial buildings. Topics include reading commercial building plans and specifications, computing electrical loads, branch circuits and components, and electronic service equipment. Electrical considerations specific to renewable energy systems are also covered. Required text: Simmons/Mullin, Electrical Wiring –Commercial, 16th Edition, (ISBN-13: 978-1337101882) Materials list: Web cam and mic, ear bud or speakers, non-flammable, non-melting long sleeve shirt and long pants or coveralls (cotton, wool or silk), UV rated safety glasses or goggles, hearing protection, leather gloves. Instructor: L. Reeger

Building Automation & Controls

DCB 2150

In this course, students learn the basic principles of building automation and controls for energy management. Topics include control devices, signals, logic, and applications for various systems, such as electrical, lighting, HVAC, plumbing, fire protection, security, access control, voice-data-video, and elevator systems. Required text: NJATC. Building Automation Control Devices and Applications. Homewood, IL: ATP, 2008 (ISBN-13: 978-0826920003)

Computer Asst Drafting I

DCB 2151

This course is an introduction to computer drafting used in industry and professional engineering and architectural offices. Using the AutoCAD platform, emphasis will be on the use of icon commands while stressing basic mechanical and orthographic projection. Related topics include sectioning, dimensioning, blocking, layering, and printing. This course is suggested for those looking to generate files for 3D printer applications. Course is offered as a credit or a non-credit course.

Advanced Drafting

DCB 2152

Focus is on machine parts and furniture design. Students learn techniques of drawing components and assemblies. Calculations for simple design components are calculated assuring a firm base for designing a simple machine element. This course is offered as a credit or non-credit course. Prerequisite: IND 130 or by advisement.

Environmental Data

DCB 2153

This course is a hands-on one-day workshop. It reviews online sources for water resources, flood mapping, landcover, soils and other environmental data. The use of tools such as Google Earth, the USGS National Map and other online map servers to access, process and, publish the data are presented in instructor led exercises. The content will consist of 50% lecture and 50% exercises. This course is intended for engineers, surveyors, geologists, planners, managers and other practicing environmental professionals. Approved for 7PDHs. Equipment: Students need to bring a laptop computer with the following software installed: Windows 7, Internet Explorer 11, Google Earth Pro, Adobe Acrobat Reader with TerraGo Toolbar extension, and GPSBabel.

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