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Programmable Logic Controllers

DCB 2155

This course will provide the fundamentals of a PLC. Hands-on instruction and industrial-type applications of PLCs requiring relay ladder logic control and a study of automated manufacturing and the functions of PLCs in an industrial environment will be provided. Topics include components of a PLC, memory organization, discrete I/O, numbering systems, logic gates, Boolean algebra, relay ladder logic, times, counters, word level logic and troubleshooting. Approved for 45 PDHs. Suggested Prerequisite: Electrical Theory, MAT 115 or higher. Required textbooks: Programmable Logic Controllers (ISBN: 9352602129) and LogixPro PLC Lab Manual with CD-ROM (ISBN: 0077477995.) Instructor: Dr. Cynthia V. Marcello

Learn All About Drone Uses

DCB 2163

Attend our FREE INFORMATION SESSION on exciting new technology now available for commercial Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Remote Pilot Certification. Learn how drone use is changing the economy and creating new jobs. A flight demonstration of various piloting skills will also take place. Registration is required.

sUAS Intro, Drone Piloting

DCB 2164

If you are new to drone piloting, this 12-hour course will give you all the vital skills and information you need to start piloting drones safely and legally. This comprehensive course is designed to provide thorough instruction on drone systems, use applications, legal issues, maintenance, and FAA regulations, in addition to piloting skills and safety best practices. The course fee includes a quadcopter with a camera, computer flight simulator, and workbook.

Drone Pilot Test Prep

DCB 2165

To legally operate a drone for any business purpose, FAA regulations now require remote pilot certification. This course prepares you to successfully pass the comprehensive FAA knowledge test. Topics covered include regulations, airspace, weather, loading and performance, and operations. The course fee includes a workbook, 50 FAA sample test questions, and six hours of instruction. Certification testing must be administered at an authorized FAA Knowledge Testing Center and is NOT included in the course fee.

Plan Website for Max Success

DCB 2170

Not all websites are created equal. For your online business presence to yield maximum benefit to your business, all content on the site must be designed to communicate value to your ideal customer in an easy and natural way. In this course, students will learn how to define and plan their website content for the optimal conversion to business goals. This course covers: content blocks and flow, user journey, graphic branding, calls to action, online marketing strategy, mockups and wireframes.

Build a Website I

DCB 2171

Students are provided with a hands-on introduction to the universal architecture of the web. This course covers website construction with HTML5 and CSS, design and usability concepts, website hosting and administration. Students will learn how to build a simple, professional-class website.

Build A Website II

DCB 2172

In this course, students will extend their knowledge of HTML5 and CSS in building multipage websites. Students will explore file structure and hierarchy, CSS strategies for managing multi-column layout, CSS drop-down menus, tables, forms and multimedia. Optional: Students who take Designing Your Business Website Content for Maximum Success can use their own business content from that course to develop their own professional multi-page website in this course. Prerequisite: Learn to Build a Website–Part I or equivalent knowledge (instructor-approved)

Intro to Javascript/Jquery

DCB 2173

This course is designed for JavaScript novices who have little or no experience with the language. Students will learn the structure of JavaScript - variables, scope, control flow and functions. Students will create code that interacts with DOM and adds interactive behavior to a website. The course will discuss best practices and introduce jQuery – a widely used JavaScript library. Prerequisite: knowledge of HTML and CSS or Learn to Build a Website - Part I.

Wbste Optimization for Google

DCB 2174

his course examines the interplay between clear business messaging and search engine optimization. Principles covered include: Niche Service, Location, Speed, Proper Website Structure, Blogs, Target Keywords, Tags, Metadata, Google Analytics basics, Google Search Console basics, AdWords basics and Tips and Tricks.

Personal Trainer Info Sessions

DCB 2181

Join us and meet leading local employers and our outstanding instructor to learn exactly what the Fitness Industry has to offer you and your career goals. This 1 hour information session will share everything from financial aid, textbook, online supplemental tools and more! Go from a fitness enthusiast to a fitness leader in your community. Sign up today for our FREE orientation while seats are still available.

Fundamentals of Electricity

DCB 2182

This is an algebra-based Electricity Fundamentals course. The expected students are those in the manufacturing technician training program. Topics covered will include ‘What is Electricity’, Ohm’s Law, Watt’s Law, Power and Energy, Series, Parallel, and Combination Circuits, Wire Size and Ampacity, Magnetism and Inductors, Alternating Current, Capacitors, Three-phase power, Motors, and Troubleshooting. This course includes a lab component.

Project Mgmt Bootcamp

DCB 2188

Project management is one of the fastest growing fields today. This Bootcamp will focus on the basics of project management for beginners. It’s a good place to start whether you’ve found yourself taking on a pm role in your organization or are looking to transition to a career in the field. We will cover everything from project planning, project management methodologies (Agile and Waterfall), running meetings, to the other “soft skills” needed to successfully facilitate a project. We’ll also explore the major project management software in the marketplace, and the growing demand for project managers in different industries. You’ll gain the tools that you’ll need to deliver great results.

Project Management

DCB 2189

An introduction to the concepts of Project Management with an overview of techniques applied and tools available. Students will be exposed to typical approaches employed with Project Management of small as well as large projects. Reviews of both successful and unsuccessful project initiatives will provide insights into strategy alternatives and explore best practices with respect to these alternatives. The course will explore the application of this theory to project scenarios through the use of various software tools. Topics will include project planning, team building, project deliverables, risk assessment, conducting successful meetings, managing conflict, software tools, and certification.

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