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PhotoShop Basics

DCM 1013

This course is designed to teach Photoshop Basics to the beginner. Photoshop is a program that digitally manipulates image art. This could be a scanned image, an image from a digital camera, or ones own fantastic art creation from scratch! For those who ever wanted to know how to use all those tools in the tool bar and did not have the patience or the time to figure them out, now is the chance. Please bring a USB flash drive to class. The instructor is Dina Pearlman, a design professional with extensive experience using Adobe products. She is an adjunct professor at SUNY Ulster. Prerequisite: Basic computer skills. This class is held in the Mac lab. Required text: Adobe Photoshop CS5 Digital Classroom or Adobe Photoshop CS6 Digital Classroom

MS Office Training CareerStep

DCM 1023

The Microsoft Office 2016 training course prepares students to earn the Microsoft Office Specialist Master certification with training on Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Access. Students learn beginning and advanced concepts and complete a variety of hands-on exercises. Enrollment includes ebooks as well as five quick reference cards. Enrollment Duration: 12 months online access, approximately 130 hours of training

QuickBooks Session III

DCM 1027

Session III - Additional skills being taught include the Accounting Cycle and closing the books in QuickBooks. This session concludes with a Comprehensive Project that uses the skills acquired throughout the semester and applies them to a fictitious company. Prerequisite: QuickBooks Session I and II. Text Book: QuickBooks Pro 2015, Comprehensive, Trisha Conlon, Labyrinth Learning, ISBN# 978-1-59136-779-6. Instructor: J. Boice, MBA

Excel, An Intro

DCM 1601

This Excel class will include entering data into a worksheet; navigating a worksheet; creating workbooks; inserting columns, rows, and work-sheets; creating formulas and functions and basic formatting techniques.

Wordpress Introduction

DCM 1609

WordPress is a powerful program designed to create websites and blogs. The course introduces basic WordPress terminology and techniques, focusing on content creation, management, development and organization. In this hands-on course, students will earn-by-doing - how to build a website with WordPress. Class will cover: how to create and format web pages and blog posts, select and change themes, create and customize menus, administer a site, use plugins to add functionality, and a lot more! This course is designed for WordPress beginners. Prerequisite: proficiency in basic computer skills

Defensive Driving Course

DDC 1100

Prevent and avoid accidents through techniques developed and updated by the National Safety Council and approved by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles. This six-hour class may allow for a 10% savings on auto liability, no-fault, and collision insurance premiums for three years. Students also receive a reduction of up to four points on their driving record toward points accumulated prior to class completion.

AdultDriverTraining-10 session

DEP 1103

Gain independence! Learn to drive in 10 one-hour private lessons. Students have the option of being picked up at their home or another convenient location. Completion of the program enables students to take the New York State road test. A valid learners permit is required.

AdultDriverTraining-5 session

DEP 1104

Brush up on driving skills or sign up for additional driver training with five one-hour sessions. Students have the option of being picked up at their home or another convenient location. Completion of the program enables students to take the New York State road test. A valid learners permit is required.

SAVE: Safer Schools (Online)

HSI 1750

This is a self-paced, open-entry, online course on violence prevention in the schools. It is designed to meet the two-hour certification requirements for school staff as specified in the Safe Schools Against Violence in Education Act (SAVE). The course focuses on the following items: policies, classroom management techniques, problem solving, skill development for students, intervention techniques and the study of warning signs. Certificates will be mailed upon completion.

All About Donkeys

NCC 1171

Contrary to public perception, the donkey is a very sweet, calm, smart, playful and affectionate animal. Come interact one-on-one with a herd of miniature and standard donkeys (and one zonkey!) and experience first-hand why the donkey is perhaps the most under-appreciated and misunderstood of man's most valuable domesticated animals. Instructor: S. Stiert

Essential Oils MentlEmotionBal

NCC 1543

Essential oils are a powerful tool to assist in the release of old anger, resentment, fear and trauma. Balancing the emotional field is crucial to health and well-being and is the first step towards healing chronic illness. Every physical symptom of the body has an emotional message. Essential oils have the ability to directly access and affect the brain's limbic region, the center of emotion and memory. Many oils can be used to create a positive emotional state, help soothe grief, create an environment of relaxation and much more. Students will also learn "the brain oils", known to enhance clarity and memory. In 1989 researchers agreed that the amygdala, one of several structures in the cerebral cortex, plays a major role in storing and releasing emotional trauma and that aromas have a profound affect on triggering those responses.

Watercolor, Pen & Ink

NCC 1578

This class will generate awareness and excitement through the creative art techniques of ink and watercolor by using ink washes, splattering, cross hatching and masking. You will learn design, composition and color with still life projects or personal photographs. Each class includes a technique demonstration and individualized guidance. Materials list: Ink pen holder (plastic quill) with various size nibs, bottle of India ink, good quality watercolor set, watercolor brushes of various sizes, including fine, medium and large wash brush. Sketch pad and good watercolor paper pad. Pencils and eraser, white candle, masking fluid, old toothbrush, stiff paper or cardboard and mat knife for creating stencils, and paper towels. We will use your favorite photographs and still life objects to create our images. Instructor: L. Bender

Drawing for Beg and Interm

NCC 1584

This is a foundation course, dealing with the primary matters of perspective, drawing aids, composition and light and shade, using boxes to start, moving on to still-life objects and finally to a lesson on the head. See your email receipt for list of materials. Instructor: J. Zeichner

Yoga, Gentle

NCC 1721

As simple and profound as breathing in and breathing out, the benefits of Yoga are an increased sense of wellbeing, physical and mental clarity, strength and flexibility, inner calm, balance and a more positive attitude and outlook towards life. This class will move at a gentle pace and is safe and suitable for beginners or experienced practitioners of Yoga. Note: Bring a mat and blanket to class. Susan Silverstream has been teaching Yoga for over 20 years, worldwide. “Sr. discount applies” for seniors 60 and over who provide date of birth when registering.


NCC 1725

See how Jazzercise has evolved and continues to remain on the cutting edge of the fitness industry. Each class combines elements of cardio enhancing dance, resistance training, muscle building, and so much more set to popular music. Students will forge the tight, lean body and fire up their muscles in this fun and effective workout. Movement and intensity modifications will be demonstrated throughout class so that participants of all ages and fitness levels can enjoy a workout tailored to their own needs.

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