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CASAC Info Session

DCB 1853

For those interested in becoming an addictions counselor or for professionals who wish to re-specialize in addiction counseling, these sessions will address the training, education, and competencies required. Speak to a Program Coordinator about how academic coursework may substitute for some of the requisite training hours.

BPI BA Field Test Prep

DCB 1883

This workshop reviews diagnostic procedures to help the student develop the skills and knowledge required for the BPI Building Analyst Certification Field Test. This course is by appointment only.

Envelope Prof Field Test Prep

DCB 1890

This workshop reviews diagnostic procedures to help the student develop the skills and knowledge required for the BPI Envelope Professional Certification Field Test.

Heating Prof Field Test Prep

DCB 1891

This workshop reviews diagnostic procedures to help the student develop the skills and knowledge required for the BPI Heating Certification Field Test.

BPI AC/Heat PumpFieldTest Prep

DCB 1893

This workshop reviews diagnostic procedures for students to develop skills and knowledge required for the BPI A/C Heat Pump Certification Field Test.

Phlebotomy Technician

DCB 1895

This 90-hour Phlebotomy Technician Program prepares professionals to collect blood specimens from clients for the purpose of laboratory analysis. Students will become familiar with all aspects related to blood collection and develop comprehensive skills to perform venipunctures completely and safely. Classroom and lab work includes terminology, anatomy and physiology; blood collection procedures; specimen hands-on practice; and training in skills and techniques to perform puncture methods. Course fee includes textbook.

Electrical Theory I - Basics

DCB 1947

Learn electrical theory basics for a variety of professional fields including the manufacturing field. Course will cover basic electrical distribution, identifying and selecting electrical equipment, sizing wires and overcurrent protection, an introduction to the National Electrical Code, installing wires and conduit, theory of series and parallel circuits and measuring voltage and current. This course includes a lab component.

NABCEP Associate PV Exam

DCB 1950

For those who have completed Photovoltaics Systems and have mastered the 10 skill sets listed on the NABCEP learning objectives. Students must preregister for the exam and bring a signed copy of the NABCEP Candidate Eligibility Form to the Exam.


DCB 2000

A one year online subscription that provides online access to ICD-10 and CPT codes. Class should be taken on a PC.

Pet Certificate Program

DCB 2004

This course will help you explore the field of animal-related careers. It offers a variety of resources to help begin or enhance your career working with animals and will further your animal knowledge. This includes hands-on internships that can be a good source for networking and employment. Required: Completion of a Pet First Aid/CPR course and at least 54 hours of internships arranged by instructor. Certificate received upon completion. 7.2 CEUs

Pet CPR & First Aid

DCB 2005

Some of the material covered in this class includes, equipment and supplies for putting together your own Pet First Aid Kit, understanding basic pet owner responsibilities, rescue breathing, restraint, muzzle, elevation, direct pressure points, administering medicine and treating wounds, bleeding, immobilization, shock management and transporting wounded animals, assessing vital signs. Certificate received upon completion. Required: The purchase of at least one textbook (cats, dogs, or both) depending on your interest and needs. (estimated $20 per book) 0.6 CEUs Instructor Mary Lynn Gagnon is the owner of Pet Estates Inc., and Merry Lynn Kennels. She has been a successful pet business owner and leader in the pet business field locally and regionally for more than 25 years.

Basics of Grooming

DCB 2006

This introductory course prepares you for a career as a pet groomer assistant, owner or caregiver through in-class and hands-on training. Requirements: Completion of the Pet Education Certificate course, the Pet First Aid/CPR course and at least 20 hours of internships at approved animal care facilities (instructor will assist in securing the necessary internships) within six months after the final class date. 4.7 CEUs

Starting a Pet Business

DCB 2007

In order to stand out in the pet industry you need to think outside the box and do your research. This course will save you time and money by giving you the tools to do it right the first time and how to avoid the pitfalls. Topics include business planning, acquiring permits, creating a unique business, tips to increase revenue, marketing, where to go for free assistance and much more. Course includes a 30-minute phone consultation with the instructor.

Financial Management

DCB 2014

Research has shown that the vast majority of millionaires are fastidious planners, budgeters, and investors. They set a goal, make a plan to reach that goal, then work hard to make it happen. Presentation demonstrates ways to develop a sound financial strategy one that covers all the financial bases, from insurance to investing to estate conservation. This educational presentation will include directions on the: Ways to help money work smarter and harder, How to estimate the amount of insurance protection one may need, The true cost of credit-card debt, Three critical components of a sound investment plan, Steps to take to help manage taxes and potentially increase net worth, How to calculate how much money one may need to retire, and Important estate conservation strategies. Everyone who attends will receive a full-color, 20-page workbook on financial management. This resource contains a wealth of information — including exercises and questions that could help you assess the current situation and make sound financial decisions.

ICD 10 Using SpeedECoder

DCB 2035

This course prepares students for entry-level jobs in a doctor’s office or other medical facility. CPT Coding is covered including Medicare Fraud and Abuse, and Evaluation and Management. STUDENTS MUST REGISTER FOR DCB 2000-03, SpeedECoder unless they already have a subscription. Class should be taken on a PC.

Retirement Investing

DCB 2037

This course expands on topics covered in the first course. Additional topics covered are sections and conventions, and isometric drawings. Special emphasis is placed on using the software to complete the assignments. Prerequisite: Drafting Fundamentals I.

Money & Finance Package

DCB 2038

Take all three classes and receive a discount! Financial Management, Social Security and Retirement Investing Instructor: B. Ginty is the owner of Independent Financial Services, specializing in comprehensive financial planning.

Gambling Disorder ScreenAssess

DCB 2039

Participants will be able to conduct a comprehensive psycho-social evaluation based on OASAS regulations as well as learn to execute evidenced-based screening instruments such as: Lie-Bet; SOGS & DSM-4 Pathological Gambling Screen. Additionally, students will diagnose gambling disorder symptoms based on DSM-5 criteria. Instructor: W. Hill

Customer Service

DCB 2045

It is far easier to make a favorable first impression than it is to correct a bad one. Front line staff create your company’s image in medical offices, hospitality, and in retail. Make it a positive one by providing the training needed to make that first impression and retain your best employees. This three-session class will focus on problem-solving, in-person communication, telephone skills, teamwork and ethics. Motivate your customers to return again and again and refer their friends.

Mathematics for Manufacturing

DCB 2064

Strengthen mathematic skills needed for the set-up and operation of machine tools and computer numerical control (CNC) programming. Mathematical operations including fractions, exponents, basic algebra and trigonometry will be reviewed. Prerequisite: Basic Mathematics

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