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Business Opps in the Govt Mkt

DCB 2217

BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES IN THE GOVERNMENT MARKETPLACE You will be given information about classifying your business to access government contracts, how to use bid opportunity portals, and the basics of procurement methods for effective sales to government entities.

Succession Plan for Small Bus

DCB 2219

SUCCESSION PLAN FOR YOUR SMALL BUSINESS A very important topic for many business owners is learning how to prepare an exit strategy. This is an area confronted by many small business owners when they want to sell their business. The key issue is drawing an exit strategy with enough anticipation, valuing the business, identifying possible options, etc. This class addresses the issue of business continuity.

Financial Projections for Bus

DCB 2220

FINANCIAL PROJECTIONS FOR A SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS Financial control is the backbone of business success and survival! Many small business owners tend to overlook and underestimate financial projections because of a natural fear or lack of understanding of basic financial principles. This is financial literacy applied to small business settings.

Pricing Your Product/Service

DCB 2221

PRICING YOUR PRODUCT OR SERVICE This seems to be a recurring issue with small business owners that are confused by how much to charge for their goods and services. The seminar would examine market forces and internal cost structures that determine pricing.

Data Science 101

DCB 2226

Impact of the New Tax Law

DCB 2229

TAX CUTS & JOBS ACT 2018 What Provisions in the new tax law could affect you and your family? The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act takes effect in 2018. This $1.5 trillion tax-reduction package fundamentally changes the individual and business tax landscape. Some of the tax changes are permanent, while others expire after 2025. Whether you will pay more or less in income taxes depends on a variety of factors unique to your situation. So the more you know about the tax law provisions, the better prepared you will be. When you attend the class, you will receive a 20-page, information-packed workbook.

Yoga, Mindfulness, Couns. Prac

DCB 2230

A two-day didactic and experiential workshop for counselors, therapists, coaches. In this weekend course we explore a variety of mindfulness and embodied practices, with experienced teacher support. The workshop covers neuroscience models, and research on the efficacy and applications of these practices as stand-alone intervention. You’ll learn 1) how to do these transformative practices for your personal renewal and resilience, then also, 2) practice teaching mindfulness safely to clients with history of addiction, depression/anxiety, and trauma. Scripts and bibliography/online resources provided. Recommended texts: A Clinician’s Guide to Mindfulness by Christiane Wolf & Greg Serpa.

Emotional Intelligence

DCB 2232

EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE In our culture we look at emotions and feelings as something to be controlled or avoided. It is said over and over again, “there is no place for emotion or feelings in the workplace.” Emotional Intelligence asserts that unless people acknowledge, confront, understand, embrace and communicate human feelings and emotions more openly, appropriately, intelligently and realistically, they are doomed to keep repeating the same personal and professional mistakes that they have consistently made in the past. This course shows the participant how to develop their Emotional Intelligence so that they are better able to communicate feelings and emotions in a more effective, productive, less conflictive, more constructive way.

Creative Entrepreneurship

DCB 2233

CREATIVE ENTREPRENEURSHIP This course focuses on acclimating aspiring entrepreneurs to a swiftly changing economic landscape. Business models of the future are increasingly complex, community-focused, and tech-oriented. We’ll learn how to approach traditional aspects of business with creativity and ingenuity. Topics include ideation and visioning, business-building, creative business development and marketing, authentic leadership and communication, and organizational development.

Navigating the Gig Economy

DCB 2234

UNDERSTANDING & NAVIGATING THE GIG ECONOMY “Gig” workers make up a significant part to the US Economy now. Enter into an in-depth discussion of the factors driving the growth of the “Gig Economy”. What is a “gig” job? Who are the major players? What are the benefits and pitfalls to “gig” workers and their employers?

Search Engine Optimization-SEO

DCB 2236

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) 101 - WHAT YOU NEED TO GET STARTED Keeping your digital ducks in a row is still how you get found online. This class is designed to remove the guesswork surrounding how your web page is found and evaluated by search engines. - Learn back end techniques to provide search engines with a clear understanding of your site’s content - Understand the role of structured data and its impact on search results - Tools for optimizing your page titles and meta descriptions - Review On-page Ranking factors that determine your web page’s worth for search engines

Mobile Optimization -Drive Bus

DCB 2237

MOBILE OPTIMIZATION - HOW LOCAL SEARCH DRIVES BUSINESS In today’s world going mobile is everything. The class will break down how to prepare for the mobile world. Is your site ready? - Understand the role of Google’s move to mobile-first indexing - Tips for simplifying your site design for a mobile experience - Understanding mobile SEO best practices and how they affect local search results - Techniques for improving page speed for user experience on mobile devices

Build Email Marketing Campaign

DCB 2238

HOW TO BUILD YOUR FIRST EMAIL MARKETING CAMPAIGN Email campaigns are still a powerful way to reach your ideal customer. With all the noise in our inboxes, we will review ways to make your email efforts count. Understand the critical components of developing a comprehensive email marketing campaign. Review current software options for managing your email campaigns. Learn how to establish baselines for testing and measuring your digital outreach effort and understand the role in landing page design and user experience with email marketing.

Optimizing Instagram for Bus

DCB 2239

OPTIMIZING YOUR INSTAGRAM FOR BUSINESS Instagram is taking the business world by storm. This class will focus on how to properly position your brand and introduce your business to a whole new audience. You will learn how to identify your brand voice and how to develop digital content that supports your business goals. Tips on how to create a content calendar that simplifies social posting will be covered. Learn how to use social listening to find opportunities to reach out to your ideal customer. Discover the tools and techniques marketers use to help broadcast content efficiently.

Equine Experiential Workshop

DCB 2245

CASAC students and others in the field can expect to learn valuable skills for success in the field, including: Improved trust-building and relationship skills with patients; Increased ability to read & respond to body language and non-verbal communication; Strengthened teamwork strategies to best navigate the workplace environment. Participants will also better understand the equine assisted model - and why it’s become largely integrated in the field of substance abuse treatment and relapse prevention. All activities take place on-the-ground. There is no riding and no horse experience required.

BPI IDL Certification

DCB 7840

Infiltration and Duct Leakage (IDL) certification is a task-oriented credential that verifies a candidate can successfully conduct air infiltration and duct leakage tests to the ASTM E1554-07 standard. Sometimes referred to as Duct and Envelope Tightness (DET) on the training side, earning the IDL certification is a simple, comprehensive and affordable way for technicians of home builders, remodelers, HVAC and insulation contractors to gain the skills they need to offer duct leakage and blower door tests, in compliance with IECC energy codes for new home construction.

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