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CFA 1101

This course is a comprehensive review for students wanting to receive their High School Equivalency Diploma. Students will prepare to take the Test Assessing Secondary Completion (TASC™). This test replaced the GED ® test for New York State in 2014. The focus of the classes will be on reading/writing, science, social studies, and mathematics. TASC™ testing is determined by pre-test scores and instructor recommendation. Students may require more than one session of preparation prior to testing. This class will include homework. Students should bring notebook and pen/pencil. The recommended book for this course is Kaplan’s New TASC ™ with two Practice Tests.

A Garden of Art ages 7-12

CFK 1035

Spring is the perfect time to think about gardens and through art students can share their love of the garden in a special and unique way. In this class, students will explore the art of colorful plant life such as flowers through outdoor painting on the Stone Ridge Campus's scenic garden. They will also recreate the art of the garden through printmaking, collage, and a 3-D mixed media project of their own model gardens. The instructor is Doreen Diorio a NYS Certified Art Teacher with a master’s degree from Teachers College, Columbia University. Note: Bring a smock, mat to sit on outdoors, and newspapers.

Chinese for Kids ages 4-8

CFK 1669

Do not miss this great learning opportunity for greater success in the future. Learn Chinese! This class is dynamic, interesting, and engaging, and is filled with Chinese culture, food, and some of the most famous places in China! Through fun and interactive practice students will learn to speak Chinese, write Chinese characters, and master “Pinyin” (Chinese alphabet).

Bldg Tightness,Ventilation&IEQ

DCB 1023

This half-day workshop will provide attendees with an understanding of the critical relationship between energy efficiency and the need for ventilation within homes for both new construction and existing homes. The workshop will address the NYS Code requirements for energy efficiency as well as the national standards for ventilation. Real-world examples of condensation issues and other impacts will be addressed. The course will also provide attendees with the necessary information to make proper design and HVAC product selections to enhance indoor environmental quality. The course has been designed specifically for building professionals, contractors and tradesmen, code officials and home inspectors. Your instructor is Pasquale Strocchia.

CASAC - Section I

DCB 1037

Section I: Knowledge of Alcoholism & Substance Abuse—85 Course Hours • Basic Knowledge: Physical and Pharmacological Effects • Overview of the Addiction Field • Diversity of Intervention and Treatment Approaches • Introduction to Diagnostic Criteria • Twelve Step and Mutual Aid Groups • Toxicology Testing and Screening

CASAC - Section II

DCB 1038

Section II: Alcoholism & Substance Abuse Counseling—150 Course Hours • Individual Counseling • Group Counseling • Counseling Special Populations/Cultural Competence • Effects on the Family/Counseling Families and Significant Others • Theories on Human Development and the Relationship to Substance Abuse • Health, Wellness and Communicable Diseases

CASAC - Section III

DCB 1039

Section III: Assessment; Clinical Evaluation; Treatment Planning; Case Management; Patient, Family & Community Education—70 Course Hours • Assessment and Evaluation • Treatment Planning, Record Keeping and Discharge Planning • Case Management, Referral and Service Coordination • Patient, Family, and Community Education and Prevention

CASAC - Section IV

DCB 1040

Section IV: Professional & Ethical Responsibilities—45 Course Hours • Counselor-Client Relationships • Ethical Decision Making and Conduct • Confidentiality and Legal Issues • Counselor Wellness • Child Abuse and Maltreatment: Mandated Reporter Training

Business Office Assistant

DCB 1061

This six-week, 90-hour course is designed to prepare students for entry level office work. It provides basic computer skills and office skills necessary for the contemporary business environment. Topics include keyboarding, MS Office, basic math, grammar and writing skills and critical thinking and communication skills. This course is approved for veteran’s education funds. The instructor, Henry Johnson, a NYS certified teacher, has been teaching science for 35 years and was co-owner and business manager of Jeffry Allan Jewelers studio for 23 years. He holds an Advanced Certificate in Instructional Technology with the Wappingers Central School District.

Bookkeeping - The Basics

DCB 1216

This is an introductory course for those without previous study in bookkeeping or accounting. The course will discuss the proper recording of business transactions, the principles of doubleentry bookkeeping, bank reconciliations, journals and ledgers, the preparation of trial balances, financial reports and other basic accounting principles. Julie Boice, instructor, has an MBA in Accounting. She is currently a full-time instructor in the Business Department at SUNY Ulster, teaching accounting, QuickBooks, Microsoft Office and other related business courses. She also has over 20 year’s experience as a bookkeeper.

Notary Public Workshop

DCB 1260

This class, endorsed by the American Society of Notaries, prepares students to pass the New York State notary exam and provides a comprehensive view of the notary public office. Confusing laws, concepts, and procedures are explained in plain English. Learn about the day-to-day issues one would face in serving as a notary, avoid conflicts of interest, maintain professional ethics, charge proper fees, and know when to defer to an attorney. Find out how to handle special situations, minimize legal liability, and much more. Instructor, Erin Johnson Haddeland, Esq., is a licensed attorney and notary public in New York State. She is also a NYS certified teacher.

Voiceovers, An Intro

DCB 1341

Over the last decade, Voices For All has helped thousands of people take their voices to the next level. Come ready to learn and be inspired. In this fun and empowering workshop, students will learn about the different types of voiceovers and what tools are needed in order to find success in the voiceover industry. Enrollees will have the opportunity to get a taste of what it’s like to be a voice actor as they perform a real voiceover script. They will be recorded and receive a professional evaluation. This class is taught by a professional voice actor from the Voice Acting Training Company, Voices For All.

Start Your Own Business

DCB 1400

The decision has been made to open a new business! Where does a business student begin? Students enrolled in the class will explore forms of legal entities, taxes, permits, licenses, bookkeeping systems, a business plan and financing. Students will feel confident that their business will be headed in the right direction from the beginning. Join a Certified Business Advisor from the Mid-Hudson Region Small Business Development Center for a most informative session.

TIPS Training for On-Premise

DCB 1414

The five-hour On-Premise TIPS program is designed for servers at restaurants, bars, hotels or any establishment where alcohol is consumed on the premises. Employees learn strategies for serving alcohol responsibly while providing the best possible customer service.

Electrical DistributionSystems

DCB 1631

Course includes basic electrical distribution, identifying and selecting electrical equipment, sizing wires and overcurrent protection, an introduction to the National Electrical Code, installing wires and conduit, connecting PV modules in series and parallel, measuring voltage and current and practicing power and energy calculations. Prerequisite: Electrical Theory I Basics

Bartending, Art of with TIPS

DCB 1639

This hands-on course presents a thorough introduction to the in-demand field of bartending. Students learn how to prepare drinks from the exotic to the ever popular standards, the art of presentation, customer interactions, and the responsibilities that accompany this job. Students must be at least 18 years old to attend. Proof of age is required.

CASAC Fast TrackDay-Sec II-III

DCB 1648

Section III: Assessment, clinical evaluation, treatment planning, case management, and patient/community education (70 hours) This course introduces students to various screening and assessment instruments. Students will learn components of treatment planning, record keeping and discharge planning as well as gain an understanding of case management and the basic skills needed for successful continuation of care. This course will give students an understanding of community education/prevention, helping them to develop presentation and training techniques in support of community wellness and awareness.

Home Staging

DCB 1670

In this course students will learn what Home Staging is and what it is not: staging versus interior design versus re-design. Topics include vacant and occupied staging and color and space staging. This class will inspire students to try what they learn on their own home. Home Staging is an up-and-coming business that as the economy turns, and the real estate market comes back, will aid individuals and real estate agents to sell their homes quickly and for more money. Myths and misconceptions as to what Home Staging really is will come to light in this introductory course and show students how cost effective Staging is. The instructor, Claudia Jacobs, of Claudia Jacobs Designs LLC, is a professional stager, decorator and re-designer. She was voted 2011 RESA (Real Estate Staging Association) Professional Stager of the Year in the Northeast. Claudia is a weekly columnist for the Times Herald Record’s Claudia’s Corner on Sundays and Hudson Valley Insider on Tuesdays.