Internship in Theater

THE 293

Art, Design, Music, Theater & Communications

Credits: 3

Students awarded an internship will be engaged in practical work experience within the professional field of the theater. The parameters of the internship will be established between the student and the hosting organization and under the supervision of the coordinator of the Theater program. A contract specifying hours (sufficient for the credit hours earned) and defining a method of evaluation will be signed by both parties and approved by the coordinator of the Theater program. Prerequisite: This opportunity is open to second-year students with the approval and advisement of the student's academic advisor and the coordinator of the Theater program.

We currently offer the following class for this course:

Internship in Theater

Section: THE293 - 01

CRN: 83088

Type: Internship

Instructor: Linda Farina

Term: Fall 2020

Fees: Technology Fee $65

Required Textbook

Class Schedule

Dates: 08/24/2020 - 12/16/2020
Time: 12:00 am - 12:00 am
Location: OFF SITE

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