Permaculture and Biodynamics

This course is not scheduled during the Non-Credit semester.

NCC 174

Category: Sustainability & Permaculture

Credits: 0

Students will learn about pathways to prosperity rooted in local economies and ecologies. Creating diverse biological cottage industries, local food networks, natural building and regional energy systems. The class will also cover how to recuperate and improve the health and fruit from old, abandoned or wild fruit trees; how to design, implement and maintain a beautiful, highly productive integrated landscape and community that weaves nature’s resiliency and mutually beneficial relationships into every aspect of the place. The sessions will also include: rotationally grazing animals in orchards, establishing Silvopasture/Agropastoral native riparian buffer plantings, low-tech integrated water systems, understory beneficial plantings, pollinator habitats, and biodynamic tree pasting. We will explain grafting, multi-grafts and define the uses of standards, dwarf, semi-dwarf and super dwarf fruit trees as well as reliable sources for fruits and berry plants. Andrew Faust, a permaculture and bioregional educator who specializes in the rich synergy between permaculture and biodynamic agriculture which he has been studying with a focus on orchards since he completed his permaculture design training in 1996. For more information visit his website at

This course is not scheduled during the Non-Credit semester.

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