Coll Algebra&Trigonometry

MAT 115

Science, Technology, Engineering & Math

Credits: 4

Topics in mathematics preparatory to MAT 160 are covered in this course. Students study linear and quadratic equations; absolute value and polynomial inequalities; coordinate geometry of the line and circle; linear and polynomial functions; techniques of graphing; exponential functions; logarithms; right triangle trigonometry; trigonometric functions of any angle; and fundamental trigonometric identities. A scientific hand-held calculator is required. Prerequisite: MAT 100 with a grade of C or better, high school equivalent (see Guidelines for Mathematics Placement), or by Entering Student Assessment.

We currently offer the following class for this course:

Coll Algebra&Trigonometry

Section: MAT115 - 30

CRN: 40016

Type: Lecture

Instructor: Mary Ann Bahruth

Term: Summer 2018

Fees: Technology Fee $65

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Class Schedule

Dates: 05/22/2018 - 07/12/2018
Days: Tues, Thurs
Time: 09:00 am - 01:20 pm
Location: HAR 118

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