Engineering Graph Analysis

ENR 107

Science, Technology, Engineering & Math

Credits: 1

Computer and CAD/CAM applications are used to make graphical presentations that consist of spatial analysis of points, lines, planes, and solids. Students also study vector analysis as applied to engineering mechanics. 3 hrs. lab. Prerequisite: ENR 103.

We currently offer the following class for this course:

Engineering Graph Analysis

Section: ENR107 - 01

CRN: 22118

Type: Graded Lab

Instructor: Salvatore C. Ligotino

Term: Spring 2019

Fees: Technology Fee $65

Required Textbook

Class Schedule

Dates: 01/22/2019 - 05/17/2019
Days: Tues, Thurs
Time: 03:15 pm - 04:45 pm
Location: HAR 203A

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