Advanced Entrepreneurship

BUS 230

Business & Professional Studies

Credits: 3

This course builds on BUS 115, Entrepreneurship and provides students with a toolkit of strategies, knowledge and resources to empower them with the 21st century skills needed to start and operate sustainable businesses. Students will work in groups to experience the fundamentals of business models/customer development and business planning utilizing the Business Canvas Model. A deeper discussion of the basics of entrepreneurship covered in BUS 115 will include topics such as recognizing business opportunity and developing successful business ideas; assessing and obtaining financing; building a new venture team; marketing issues, challenges and planning; as well as managing and growing the entrepreneurial firm. Today's important business issues including conscious capitalism; stakeholder theory; leadership; social responsibility of business; sustainability; value chain responsibility and diversity in the workplace will be interwoven into the classwork done on entrepreneurship. Prerequisite: BUS 115.

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Advanced Entrepreneurship

Section: BUS230 - S01

CRN: 83699

Type: Distance Learning

Instructor: Mindy Kole

Term: Fall 2020

Fees: Technology Fee $65

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Dates: 08/24/2020 - 12/16/2020
Location: Online

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