Dr. Ray Raymond lectured at Business Executives for National Security



Dr. Ray Raymond lectured at Business Executives for National Security

Lecture on Brexit and the implications for US national security

Dr. Ray Raymond, Associate Professor of Government  and History and Director of the Katt Institute for Constitutional Studies was invited by Business Executives for National Security to give a lecture on  “Brexit” (Britain's decision to leave the EU) at a seminar in New York City on 21 July. In it, Dr. Raymond examined why “Brexit” occurred and looked at the implications for US national security. He concluded that Brexit occurred for several reasons :

First,  because of political incompetence by Prime Minister David Cameron and Chancellor George Osborne who called an unnecessary referendum to appease the Euro-Sceptic wing of the Conservative Party and who mismanged the “Remain” campaign by failing to learn the lessons from the near failure of the Scottish referendum in 2014. 

Second, because of the political incompetence of the EU Commission and EU leaders who refused to believe that British voters would decide to withdraw and who refused to give David Cameron the key concession (a brake on immigration that he could use if EU immigration to Britain crossed an agreed threshold) that might have changed the outcome of the referendum

Third, a revolt by an English working class alienated from political, economic and banking elites driven by a belief that the UK's political and economic system was rigged against them.

Fourth, a fearmongering “Leave” campaign that told lies to the British people about the “theat” posed by EU immigrants as well as about the economic and financial costs of leaving the EU. 

Fifth, the relentless hostility towards the EU of the British tabloid press.

Sixth, xenophobia and racism. 

As to the consequences for the US, Dr. Raymond concluded that “Brexit” had destabilized the EU and European politics, encouraged Russian adventurism, and caused the US to lose its key ally in the EU.  

Founded in 1982, Business Executives for National Security is a respected non-profit organization that enables US business executives contribute their expertise to help US national security agencies become more efficient and effective. 

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