STEM Department Chair Douglas Furman



STEM Department Chair Douglas Furman

Co-Edits Published Book

July 22, 2016

SUNY Ulster STEM Department Chair and Associate Professor Douglas Furman

Co-Edits Published Book Writing the History of Mathematical Notation: 1483-1700

Douglas Furman, Associate Professor of Mathematics, Coordinator of the Math Collegian Program and Department Chair of Sciences, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM), has announced that a book he co-edited, Writing the History of Mathematical Notation: 1483-1700 (Docent Press, 2015), has just recently been published. He has also been appointed as a member of Docent Press' Editorial Board. Docent Press specializes in the History of Mathematics and Computing.

This book takes as its starting point two renowned histories of mathematical notation, those of Florian Cajori and Johannes Tropfke, and through careful examination of additional texts pushes the origins of many arithmetical notations further back in time. The book takes full advantage of recent large-scale digitization initiatives by including snippets from original texts that show the early usage and evolution of these notations.

Doug Furman has been a distinguished and celebrated professor at SUNY Ulster for the past 11 years.  Professor Furman received a B.E. degree in electrical engineering from Stony Brook University. After several years of working as a telecommunications engineer he received an M.S.T. degree in mathematics from Florida Atlantic University. He has taught at both the high school and college level. He has led two academic travel abroad tours to Greece, Turkey and Southern Italy (2010) and Northern Italy (2011), as part of a History of Mathematics course.

SUNY Ulster President, Dr. Alan Roberts, remarks, “Associate Professor Furman is a well-respected and admired teacher on campus, and this achievement is a testament to the breadth and depth of the mathematical expertise he brings to our students. SUNY Ulster prides itself on the fact that so many of our faculty members are not only educators, but working professionals and esteemed academics in their fields.”




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