SUNY Ulster Math team hosted math colloquium



SUNY Ulster Math team hosted math colloquium

Guest speaker Vassar Professor Dr. John McCleary.

April 12, 2016 

SUNY Ulster Welcomed Vassar Professor Dr. McCleary, Algebraic Topologist and
Scholar of the History of Mathematics for Math Team Talk

On Friday, April 8th, the SUNY Ulster Math team hosted a very special math colloquium to celebrate the 2015-2016 math team members.

The guest speaker was Dr. John McCleary. Dr. McCleary is an Algebraic Topologist and scholar of the History of Mathematics. Dr. McCleary has recently finished a book on this subject and has presented at many notable Universities such as Dartmouth and Princeton. “To have him at the SUNY Ulster campus is a big honor,” said Jules Albertini, Professor of Mathematics in SUNY Ulster’s Sciences, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics Department (STEM).

The afternoon also included the results of the 2015-2016 NYSMATYC Math League Competition.  There were 28 two-year colleges in this year’s competition. SUNY Ulster finished seventh for the year.  Professor Albertini remarked, “Finishing ahead of 20 schools, most of which are much larger than Ulster, is a wonderful result. However, the finish is not the important aspect of the Math Team.  The Math Team is a community of learners who gather many Friday afternoons in the Gary & Janaki Patrik Math Center to socialize over Mathematics. The approximately 30 members will problem solve and explain different approaches to the same solution in a relaxed atmosphere. The students become involved in an academic experience outside the classroom and meet others who share similar interests.  The activities help prepare our students for the many different entrance exams they may be facing in the future.”

SUNY Ulster’s STEM department is growing, with many students graduating to continue their education at four-year institutions such as RPI and SUNY Albany’s School of Nanoscale Science & Engineering, among others.



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